Galyean Wedding

by Robin Hebert

Our love story has been an interesting one...

Our love story has been an interesting one...

Collin grew up in Dallas, Texas, but his family roots are here in Cajun Country. I was born and raised here, and always had a hunch that my prince charming would come from far away. In 1995, he attended college at UL, while I was finishing up high school. Somehow, he managed to meet most all of my older friends. Before long, we started popping up in our friend's photo albums, and we both asked about the other.

Our paths didn't cross until years later, after he'd come and gone, and come back again, in 2003. When we finally saw each other for the first time in real life, we didn't recognize each other, but something definitely sparked inside both of us. It was pretty much your text book 'love at first sight' phenomenon. A week later, on our first date, we connected the dots and realized we shared close mutual friends, and remembered seeing the old pictures.  We had countless things in common, including our cats having the same name, and we've been pretty much inseparable since then.

We finally tied the knot this summer at a quaint little chapel in the woods, in Cade, Louisiana. It was our dream DIY Cajun wedding. I made most of my dress, jewelry, and decorations.  My ring is vintage, along with the bridesmaid dresses my four little sisters. A friend made custom fans for our guests, and I carried around my late grandmothers' fan from her collection, in her honor. My family cooked a down home jambalaya, and provided the flower arrangements. I was transported to the chapel in a little pirogue by my father, and my husband brought me back over the oxbow lake to our reception. We danced until midnight under a chandelier in the woods with our loved ones. It was perfection; literally, the happiest day of our lives.

Bride's Full Name: Rozalyn LeCompte**
Groom's Full Name:** Collin Galyean**
Wedding Date:** July 16, 2011**
Ceremony Site:** St. John's Little Chapel in the Woods; Cade, LA**
Photographer:** Gwendolyn Aucoin**
Bridal Gown Designer:** Jim Helm, Jellyn Morvant & Rozalyn LeCompte**
Bridal Gown Retailer:** Sposa Bella**
Hair and Makeup:** Lori Lemelle, Jen Rausch and Joetta Vidrine**
Bridesmaids Dresses Retailer:** Maids wore vintage dresses of their choice**
Flowers:** Fuzzy's Flowers**
Reception Site:** Private residence in Cada, LA**
Cake:** Billy Galyean**
Caterer:** Roland Suire**
Lighting:** Event Rentals**
Wedding Rentals:** Event Rentals**
Wedding Planner:** Rozalyn LeCompte