Oil and Gas


Biennial event spotlights new and innovative technologies.

Louisiana's oil and gas industry is at the heart of our state's economy. Through the exploration and production of both onshore and offshore natural resources, Louisiana plays an essential role in providing the necessary energy it takes to fuel our nation. Through innovative advancements in technology, the industry continues to meet the challenges of growing energy demand while providing hundreds of thousands of jobs to hard-working Americans.
For decades, the Acadiana region has served as the hub of our state's oil and gas industry, and it's only fitting that one of the largest oil and gas expositions would be held in the Lafayette area. For nearly 30 years, the Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition has served as one of the premier oil and gas technology showcases across the country. Held biennially at the Cajundome and Convention Center, the event draws more than 15,000 attendees, will showcase 755 indoor and outdoor exhibit spaces from more than 400 leading companies across the country. On Oct. 25-27, LAGCOE will hold its 28th edition of the popular event.

Larry Tolleson, vice president of Chalker Energy in Houston and chairman of LAGCOE registration notes, "Based on feedback we have received from exhibitors, sponsors and industry participants, we anticipate a record attendance in October. LAGCOE is known for hospitality, and meeting the needs of our attendees is important to us. This year we have improved online registration and have doubled our registration entry locations to allow attendees faster access to show grounds."

The theme of this year's event is a "Spotlight on New Technology." Exhibitors will be given the opportunity to present a brief overview of their recent innovations or technological advancements in the oil field service sector. The event will allow companies a great opportunity to showcase new technology to industry representatives and leaders. All current LAGCOE exhibitors and sponsors are eligible to participate in this new program.

LAGCOE is currently accepting registered exhibitors or sponsors for participation in the technology showcase. According to LAGCOE's website, "The products and services showcased represent a path to solutions for our industry's technical and operational hurdles. LAGCOE Technical Sessions are designed to highlight current issues and trends and they facilitate useful information exchange among technical and operational savvy personnel."

The deadline for application is Sept. 30 with final selections determined by judging according to a set criterion. Judges will assess whether the technologies on display are new, innovative, proven, cover a broad interest and will have a significant impact on the industry.

Over the past decade, the oil and gas industry has experienced an explosion of new technologies that have brought about greater efficiencies, increased energy production and transportation and generated significant cost savings for both companies and the end consumer. For instance, the utilization of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling as a means to stimulate and produce oil and gas has been a method used by the industry for more than 60 years. However, significant technological advancements and safer wide-scale usage of this drilling method have resulted in the proliferation of oil and gas shale plays across the entire country. From the development of tiny ceramic beads used to hold open pores within a geological formation to the use of GPS guided drilling tools, companies have developed these new technologies to increase oil and natural gas production to historic highs by tapping resources once considered non-recoverable.

Who knows? Maybe the next great innovation in the energy sector will be on exhibit at the upcoming event.

The Louisiana Oil and Gas Association is doing its part by unveiling our newest vehicle that runs on Compressed Natural Gas. As a leader in the promotion of CNG vehicles and fueling infrastructure across the state of Louisiana, we at LOGA want to showcase to the public that filling up your car or truck on natural gas is a lot easier than you think. We encourage you to come by and visit with our staff and find out how CNG is affordable, reliable and within your reach.

If not for the showcase of technology, everyone should attend and listen to LAGCOE's keynote speaker, Robert Bryce, a renowned author and expert on energy issues and politics. Bryce has appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The Atlantic. At a time when energy issues are so important, his insight and expertise will be a great addition to this first-rate event.

One final thing to remember is that admission to the show and technical presentations is free of charge.

Don Briggs lives in Lafayette and has been president of the Louisiana Independent Oil and Gas Association since 1992. To comment on this column, email him at [email protected]