Downtown Alive! Cancelled!

by Anna Purdy

With a tropical depression set to soak the Hub City, the Nik-L-Beer curse lives on.

The kick-off for the 2011 Fall Downtown Alive! concert series has met its match in a tropical depression.

Gina Aswell of Lafayette's Downtown Development Authority, who books and coordinates Downtown Alive!, says after consulting with meteorologists, DDA has decided to cancel Friday's performance at Parc International.

The decision extends a curse for the scheduled act, Nik-L-Beer, a popular variety band that is a huge draw for DTA; the band was set to close out the spring 2011 series a few months ago but that show was also cancelled due to rain. And DDA actually decided to begin the fall series one week earlier than normal and open with Nik-L-Beer, a sort of consolation prize for both the band and the crowd.

So on Friday, Sept. 9 the Charmaine Neville Band will perform in Parc International and "officially" kick off the fall season.