Apartment complex, bar owners appeal to CPC

by Walter Pierce

The former wants its property tax burden lowered; the latter wants a liquor license.

A Lafayette apartment complex that caters to UL students is appealing its assessed value before the City-Parish Council Tuesday evening.

University House Apartments on Bertrand Drive near Cajun Field was assessed by the Lafayette Assessor's office at $14.9 million. In its appeal, the Illinois-based company that owns the complex argues its fair market value should be set at roughly $11.6 million, a mark-down that would represent a substantial savings on the company's annual property-tax bill.

In a second appeal before the council, Virgis Edwards, owner of Truman Palace Nite Club on Daffodil Loop in north Lafayette, is appealing a denial of a liquor license by the Lafayette Police Department's Alcohol & Noise Control Department. The division's manager, Tim Melancon, informed Edwards on Aug. 15 that the club was being denied the license because, according to Melancon, Edwards opened the club prior to an inspection by the state Board of Health and, moreover, that the club was the source of noise complaints and that Lafayette Police officers witnessed alcohol consumption in the club without the required permit to sell liquor.