Euphoria: Everything must go - and they mean it this time!

by Walter Pierce

Happy trails, Pat and Tausha!

After more than a year of fits and starts in their quest to sell the vintage clothing/accessories boutique and move to Portland, Ore., Euphoria co-owners Pat Marken and Tausha Lell are finally getting the giddy-up and liquidating everything in stock in the house-turned-store at 712 Congress St. The pair finally found a credit-worthy buyer and closed on the house recently - the final and critical detail in packing their bags and heading to Tausha's home state where they plan to open a gumbo/Cajun/soul food mobile food-vending operation, or something like that.

Beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 10, Euphoria will throw open the doors and keep them open until every last item - vintage clothing and furniture, vinyl records, costume- and fine jewelry, home accessories, mannequins, every damn thing - has left with a happy new owner.

To find out more about Euphoria's "The Everything Must Go Garage Sale Show" and to see photos of some of the merchandise, check them out on Facebook by searching 712/Euphoria.

Happy trails, Pat and Tausha!