Acadiana Business

Logan Farms on Johnston has new owner

by Leslie Turk

Lance Champagne has purchased the longtime honey ham and café business from Lafayette franchisee Greg Nick.

Lance Champagne, a UL grad who worked as a manager at Champagne's grocery store in the Oil Center for the past six years, has purchased the Logan Farms Honey-Glazed Hams and Market Café from Lafayette franchisee Greg Nick. The Lafayette Logan Farms store has been in business since 1985.

No changes are planned at the Johnston Street store, which specializes in the retail sale of spiral sliced, honey glazed hams and turkey breasts and other fully cooked specialty meat products. Because of Lance's connection to the family's Oil Center Champagne's - his father is store owner Greg Champagne - Logan Farms' sliced ham is now vacuum packed and sold for $12.99 a pound in the grocer's deli. Plans call for the bone-in hams to be sold at the Lafayette Champagne's during the holiday season. That could help relieve some of the long lines of customers waiting to purchase honey-glazed hams at Logan Farms during the holiday season, when their popularity spikes for family dinners, parties and individual and corporate gift giving.

Logan Farms is also a popular lunch spot. Sandwiches, salads and plate lunches, along with sandwich trays for special events, fuel sales during the off-season. View the Lafayette lunch menu here.

Lance says he'd eventually like to get back into the family grocery store business but for now is spending all of his time learning and developing the new Logan Farms venture. The Champagnes own five grocery stores in Acadiana; only the Lafayette location sells Logan Farms' sliced ham.