'Hardly' targeted by Black Action Network

by Walter Pierce

"Hi, I am Rickey Hardly, and I came her to kick some butt..."

State Rep. Rickey Hardy - or Hardly, as he's referred to in some circles - is the subject of an animated parody video posted about 12 hours ago by a YouTube user who goes by the screen name "brotherjx" and is linked to the Black Action Network, a Lafayette organization with apparent ties to KJCB radio.

"Hi, I am Rickey Hardly, and I came her to kick some butt," the animated character standing before a chalk board (or flat-screen TV) says in the opening of the vid, titled "Ricky Hardly AKA Uncle Rukus new state bill he proposes to the voters (parody)." The video makes reference to Hardy skipping a Tuesday debate hosted by local Democrats that aired live on Acadiana Open Channel - a debate that his opponents attended.

Produced using Go!Animate, a software that allows users to choose stock characters and settings and type in dialogue that is then converted into stiff, halting voice -  not coincidentally, the "Rickey Hardly" character in the video speaks with a British accent - the video is clearly meant as an attack against the first-term state lawmaker, albeit a somewhat ham-handed one.