Hoot dat

by Anna Purdy

Horton heard one and sometimes you've given one, but tonight Blue Moon is hosting one.

Occasionally Blue Moon Saloon hosts a Hoot Night. Different established musicians, many with their full bands, get up on stage and perform songs written by and dedicated to the famous musician of the night, and tonight that choice is Prince.

Prince, like he is funky. Prince, the only and only, will be covered by Picardy Birds, Rex Moroux, FIGHTS and several other local bands plus any other musician invited to jump up there. The idea is that only Prince songs are performed but in whatever style the band prefers. Imagine Rex singing "Raspberry Beret" in the style of acoustic Americana, for instance, and you get the notion.

The phrase "hoot night" is derived from "hootenanny." Hootenanny is an Appalanchian colloquialism for a nameless thing, also known as a thingamajig or a whatsit or a that-thing-right-there. It evolved into another term for a meeting, often political, then in 1960s New York was grabbed by the folk singers to mean a jam session.

At Blue Moon it means musicians really at play. Show starts at 8 p.m.