Party Girl

Party Girl 09.28.11

A curious crowd (including a surprise visit by actress Faith Ford) packed Cochon for a sneak peak at chef Donald Link's beautiful new restaurant on the Vermilion River in River Ranch.

If you haven't tried it yet, get there - and be sure to check out the outside dining. It's the best in town.
Photos by Denny Culbert

(1) Kyle Waters III and Donald Link (2) George and Roxanne Graham, Julie Calzone and Leslie Turk (3) Jerry and Kay Prejean, and Dr. Andy and Callie Blalock (4) Gerald Breaux, George Graham, Helen Breaux and Robert Daigle (5) Kyle Waters III, P.J. Naomi, Karen Daigle and Donald Link (6) Faith Ford, Campion Murphy, Anna Purdy and Elaine Kibodeaux (7) Liz Webb and Aaron Hebert (8) Sean and Michelle Ezell and Jude Tauzin (9) Faith Ford and Julie Calzone