GIVERS play Jimmy Kimmel

by Anna Purdy

GIVERS play yet another late night national talk show.

Since beginning in a jam session a few years ago local darlings GIVERS have ratcheted up the chain of musical command rapidly, getting signed to major label Glassnote and touring here and abroad. Touring and especially festivals have gotten the world's attention pointed at GIVERS. Known for their melodic and decidedly upbeat music both in tempo and message, they have found a fanbase in the happier indie set around the world.

Members are Taylor Guarisco on guitar, Kirby Campbell on drums and samples, Tif Lamson on percussion and ukulele and Josh Leblanc on bass. Their first album on Glassnote, In Light, was released this past summer.

Check them out tonight, Thursday, Sept. 29, on Jimmy Kimmel Live! talk show on ABC. The show is on at 11 p.m. our time. Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators and performers of South Park, will also be featured. If that is past your bedtime, have no fear as the link above replays shows the next day.