Jindal snubs gubernatorial debate

by Heather Miller

If Jindal debates in a forest and no one hears, did the debate really take place? Not according to Jindal's argument.

Gov. Bobby Jindal will not participate in a gubernatorial candidate debate with the nine candidates running against him because it won't be televised statewide.

The Times-Picayune reports that all of Jindal's nine challengers, none of which have a slim chance of defeating him, have agreed to participate in the Oct. 12 debate sponsored by the Louisiana Association of Educators. Jindal is the only candidate not attending:

Asked about the debate Wednesday, the Republican governor said he didn't know about it. His spokesman, Kyle Plotkin, says the governor's office turned down the invitation because Jindal will only participate in debates that are televised statewide.

Next week's debate isn't planned for TV.

LAE officials say the nine men and women running against Jindal have agreed to participate. None of the challengers have raised enough money to mount a significant challenge to Jindal, who has a multimillion dollar campaign account.

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