District 24's Scott says he won't endorse

by Leslie Turk

Kelly J. Scott, who ran third in the hotly contested Senate District 24 race between incumbent Elbert Guillory and challenger Donald Cravins, told The Daily Advertiser he will not endorse either candidate.

Kelly J. Scott, who polled nearly 13 percent in the Senate District 24 race, was adamant that he will not be making an endorsement in the race. Incumbent Sen. Elbert Guillory led the three-man field with 46.38 percent of the vote (12,768) to Opelousas Mayor Donald Cravins' 40.72 percent (11,210 votes).

In The Daily Advertiser's Monday story, Guillory alluded to rumors that Cravins put Scott up to running. Scott, however, did not mince words in dispelling the speculation - and used the opportunity to take a jab at both candidates:

"I don't endorse anybody who continues to deprive their people," Scott said. "I'm not pleased that people are divided based on two candidates that do nothing for them. This isn't about the people. This is about selfishness and for the past 20 years, nothing has been getting done."

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