Downtown Alive! wants to get you into Bed

by Anna Purdy

Brass Bed performs for tonight's Downtown Alive!

Downtown Alive! is 29 years old, providing free live music for all these years. It's now old enough to rent a car. It's hosted by Downtown Development Authority in conjunction with the city of Lafayette.

Brass Bed is part cheeky pop music, part Beatles-go-to-India psychedelia, part homegrown music nerds with an eclectic taste in tunes who happen to be very good musicians themselves, both on their own and as a group.

The gentlemen in question who happen to look very good in a square to your left are Andrew Toups, Christiaan Mader, Jonny Campos and Peter DeHart. Signed to Park the Van Records, they have been touring extensively and gaining a fan base that extends beyond hipsters due to their accessible yet not simple sound.

The show tonight takes place at Parc San Souci on Vermilion St. in downtown Lafayette. It is located next to a parking garage and there is plenty of street parking. It begins at 5:30 p.m. with Brass Bed taking the stage shortly thereafter.

Soft drinks and adult beverages will be served. Buying concessions at Downtown Alive! keeps the event coming and free so it's asked that you leave your ice chests at home. Also not welcome are pets and smoking. You can cuddle up with either outside of the park.