Thumbs up for parks in Broussard, Youngsville

by Leslie Turk

A majority of voters in two Lafayette Parish cities believe parks are a good financial investment in their communities.

The pervasive anti-tax sentiment in our community apparently does not apply when it comes to parks and recreation. Known to enhance property values, bring in more home-buyers and often attract retirees, parks and recreational facilities also can be a safe gathering spot for our youth, and the sports played there are a positive part of their overall health and development.

Kudos to voters in Broussard and Youngsville for digging in their own pockets to re-invest in their communities. Both cities approved increases in their sales tax rate - Broussard a half-cent and Youngsville a penny - to fund new sports and rec complexes. The vote in Broussard was 56.6 to 43.4 (610 votes for, 467 against); in Youngsville, it was 56.1 to 43.9 (811 votes for, 635 against).

Broussard hopes to assemble and purchase 150 to 200 acres for its complex, The Daily Advertiser reported. In Youngsville, Young's Industries is donating about 70 acres near the Sugar Mill Pond development to the city.

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