Another one LITEs the dust

by Leslie Turk

Yet another top official has departed LITE.

The Daily Advertiser reported Monday that Monica Laverne, the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise's chief operating officer since April 2009, has left the building.

The Independent was unable to confirm Laverne's departure; several voice messages left for various officials at the facility were not immediately returned.

The daily reported that LITE interim CEO Robert Twilley (who is not listed in the facility's phone directory) confirmed that Laverne is not with the facility, but would not release any additional information on her departure. Laverne also declined to comment to the paper.

Twilley, initially hired in August 2010 as UL's vice president of research, has been the interim director for more than a year. When he agreed to take the LITE post on a temporary basis last October, Twilley told The Independent he hoped to have a new CEO in place by July.

The Advertiser noted that within the past 1.5 years, LITE has seen a high level of turnover, with eight resignations, five layoffs, one known termination and two position eliminations. LITE already is searching for a permanent CEO, a chief technology officer and a venue engineer, the paper reported.

It remains unclear whether it's also searching for new COO.

Read the Advertiser story here.