Local government's pilot program aims to reduce rush-hour traffic

by Leslie Turk

Taking its cue from much larger cities struggling to reduce traffic on busy streets, LCG plans to introduce a program early next year that will stagger the work hours of the Traffic and Transportation Department and hopefully catch on with other city-parish departments.

According to a report in Monday's Advocate, local officials are hoping a test project that will stagger when some Traffic and Transportation Department employees are traveling to and from work will be a successful model that other Lafayette Consolidated Government departments, and perhaps even large employers in the city, might institute to reduce traffic congestion in Lafayette. The program is what many see as one of the most cost-effective alternatives to building new roads. The Advocate reported:

The basic plan is to offer eligible employees differing work schedules, perhaps working four 10-hour days, or coming in later or earlier than other employees.

[Traffic and Transportation Planner Laura] Phillips said the alternative work schedules will be managed to ensure there is adequate staff to handle routine business during the normal work hours Monday through Friday.

No one will be forced to change work schedules, but, Phillips said, she believes the pilot project will attract employees whose home life might be more compatible with a nontraditional work week.

Read more about the test project and other options being explored in Baton Rouge in the Advocate's story here.