C'est What? Jindal defends Occupy movement

by Heather Miller

They're articulating a genuine frustration from hardworking Americans.'

Gov. Bobby Jindal says he identifies with the spirit of Occupy Wall Street. I repeat: Bobby Jindal has publicly sympathized with Occupy Wall Street.
According to a blog post on The Hill's website, Jindal, the same Republican governor who most recently described a federal rural broadband grant for underserved north Louisiana as a destroyer of private industry, told MSNBC Thursday morning that he doesn't "agree with some of [the OWS] tactics," but he does believe "they're articulating a genuine frustration from hardworking Americans:"

Jindal said the protesters represented a worry that "if we don't fix this they're not going to have a chance to achieve the American dream" and defended the Republican party as having "always stood for upward mobility."

Jindal's comments came the morning after Republican pollster Frank Luntz gave a presentation at the Republican Governor's Association warning the GOP about antagonizing the Occupy protesters, saying that if next year's campaign became framed as a battle over the middle class, "Democrats will win."

The Hill points out that Jindal's comments create a rare split between he and fellow Republicans, the majority of whom have vilified the mass protests.

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