King cake vodka moving in

by Anna Purdy

Lucky Player has come out with a vodka meant to celebrate the signature Mardi Gras dessert.

As first reported here at The Gambit, this booze is made to echo the baby-filled, cream-filled treat. Its advantage is that, since so far it is the only king cake booze, no one can get into impassioned, heated arguments about who makes the best king cake vodka like we can about the real stuff.

A call to its distribution in Florida yesterday revealed Lucky Player is a French import. The product won't get to New Orleans for distribution until the last week of this month and from there no telling when it will finally arrive in Acadiana's liquor and grocery stores.

Republic is going to be the liquor distributor in charge of it for our area.

We'll keep our readers in the loop when we speak to Lucky Player distribution again and also what this stuff tastes like. Wish us luck. Some of us think it will be a great mixed drink while others think it belongs on the kitchen shelf of someone on Sorority Row. We'll find out and take that bullet for our readers because we care.