Acadiana Business

Bako's closes temporarily for repairs

by Leslie Turk

Johnston Street Mexican restaurant shuts down to repair 'drainage issues.'

Restaurant-goers hoping to have lunch at Bako's Tuesday had to make new plans, as the Mexican eatery has shut down to repair a drainage problem.

"We're doing some construction work; we have to make some repairs," says Richard Dunbar, a partner in the Johnston Street restaurant. "We've got some drainage issues, and you can't serve food while you're doing plumbing work."

A sign was posted on the door Tuesday morning and a Lafayette Utilities System vehicle was on the premises, but Dunbar says it's too soon to know how long the repairs will take. "We're just tearing into it and trying to figure out what we have to do to fix it," he says. "It could be a day, it could be a week. We don't know yet."