Kinky Friedman comes to town Feb. 15

by Leslie Turk

A recent interview with The Kingster reveals that the Texas troubadour-author-social-commentator-and-satirist would not rule out running again for governor of Texas.

Kinky Friedman is coming to Lafayette Feb. 15 as a stop along his Southern Discomfort tour. In a recent interview with The Independent, which is sponsoring the show and will have full-blown story in next week's print addition, The Kingster reveals that the Texas troubadour-author-social-commentator-and-satirist would not rule out making another run for governor of Texas.

Back in 2006, Friedman placed fourth to current Texas governor and former wannabe Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry. However, that finish may not be enough to keep him out of the political fray next time around.

"Well, I am getting a little O-L-D, you know," says Friedman. "I mean, I may be too old for it. I've already written my last will and testament. When I die, my ashes are to be thrown in [Gov.] Rick Perry's hair."

But if the singing Jewish Cowboy remains among the living, another bid for governor in 2014 is not off the table.

"I mean, it could happen," Friedman says. "But unfortunately, the Occupiers were not wrong about one thing and that is that money and greed have totally destroyed our political system."

With that, the Kinkster continues to answer the question.

"So, if you gave me 10 million bucks, not only would I run as an independent for governor of Texas, but I'd win," Friedman says. "But with no money, if I had to go out and start getting it again, that makes it difficult."

In an Aug. 24, 2011, piece in the Daily Beast, Friedman backed his state's governor, Perry, for the Republican nomination for president.

"Rick Perry's run for president, I can't say anything bad about it because it has been good to me: It's really improved my image," says Friedman. "It's helped me and it's made George W. [Bush] look like Thomas Freakin' Jefferson.

"And now, in Texas," he adds, "all the Aggies and all the blondes are telling Rick Perry jokes."

Now that his first selection has bailed out of the primary, Friedman turns his attention to a Mitt Romney-Sen. Mark Rubio (R-Fla.) ticket.

"I like it because it wins," says Friedman. "But I'm not a fan of the Crips or the Bloods. I think the closest we have to a scrappy character I like is Ron Paul. Although he does look a mad scientist, he looks better than Ralph Nader who looks like a praying mantis. You know, in politics, that's important."

Kinky Friedman is set to play Vermilionville, Wednesday, Feb. 15. Kacey Jones will open. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $35 for reserve seating; $60 tickets include a meet-and-greet with the performer. For more info, call 233-7000.