Gastronomic joys at Jolie's

by Heather Miller

Jolie's Louisiana Bistro has a new plate lunch special every week and some scintillating ideas for oysters and St. Patrick's Day.

Jolie's is now offering a Plate Lunch Special. It changes weekly and checks in around $10. This week the choice is a filling, comforting favorite - chicken pot pie with garlic mashed potatoes.

Partially inspired by the great local seafood in Louisiana and also inspired by its aphrodisiac qualities found in foods around this time of year, Feb. 9 is Jolie's Oyster Dinner. For $35 you get to try several courses that feature the celebrated sea fare like the Walrus and the Carpenter, or oyster with braised pork belly. Right now this dinner is booked up but call Jolie's at 504-2382 and ask to be put on the waiting list. You can also shoot them an email at [email protected]

You have a better chance, however, of enjoying the St. Patty's Day Beer Brunch. Starting at 10:30 a.m. March 17 Jolie's is pairing up with local brewery LA 31 and giving a brunch fit for hungry beer bellies.

The amuse bouche will be a bacon custard dippy egg with a curro. First course is a savory beignet stuffed with beer boudin and green sugar. Second course is a a fried grit cake topped with sugarcane smoked chicken tasso grillades. For an intermezo to catch your breath are sweet potato hoecakes with house-made bologna and berry moonshine syrup. Back to the delicious grind with the third course of Jolie's take on Eggs Benedict: prociutto d'Acadie eggs with red eye hollandaise. For the fourth course is Italy, France, Ireland and Cajuns coming together for a finish fit for the most picky of pieholes: panettone French toast with an apple and andouille compote which is then drizzled with a whiskey sauce in honor of the Irish.

The beers from LA 31 will be paired with dishes and incorporated into new drinks.