The Lab experiements with coffee, treats

by Anna Purdy

The Lab in River Ranch will be the next big place to make your caffeine score.

The Lab in River Ranch will be the next big place to make your caffeine score.

Located between Katie Bakes and Romacelli's at 1042 Camellia Blvd., The Lab is owned by Thomas and Pam Peters. Longtime devotees of coffee, they chose River Ranch as the home for The Lab because, says Thomas, "We looked at 50-plus places in and around Lafayette and River Ranch kept coming back because of several factors. It is central to all of Lafayette in a vehicle, it is bikable, walkable, runnable, has a great patio and the interior presented such a great palate for which we can create our vision of The Lab in it."

The Peters expect The Lab to be open in late March or early April. Cuvee Coffee Roasters out of Austin, Handsome Coffee Roasters out of L.A. and  Rival Bros. Coffee Roasters out of Philly are the main three expected to be used with "guest coffee roasters" stepping in occasionally. "Key is that they are roasters that have a direct relationship with their coffee farms and that they are fresh roasted and shipped to us on order," says Thomas.

As for the treats, The Lab is offering baked goods like croissants, tarts and scones "with flavor combinations or ingredients that you can't necessarily find here but sourcing as many local ingredients as possible." Artisan chocolates will be available and something The Lab is calling "sweet cold creams," which is a hybrid of ice cream and gelato.

Overall, the vibe seems to be one of relaxation yet experiementation, according to Thomas. "The products that we are going to offer are focused on flavor and finish as well as texture and technique. Pam and I wanted to create a place that broke free from the traditional rules and allowed our passions and experiences to come to the forefront while creating an environment that you just wanted to hang out in, engage in great conversations, study for a test or just simply curl up and read a book. We are focusing on four main elements within The Lab: pastries, artisan chocolate bars, coffee, and sweet cold creams that have interwoven elements."

Look for The Lab to host its grand opening this spring and for The Ind to be writing reviews about it.