Freetown Fries is back

by Anna Purdy

Stop by the corner of Johnston and Vermilion this weekend and taste Freetown Fries.

Freetown Fries has made a few appearances at festivals and the like in 2011. The concept is simple - same American staple of fried starchy goodness, different take on it.

All fries are hand-cut in-house fresh with the skin left on. Cut potatoes aren't left to the unforgiving freezer and this allows the fries to have a deeper flavor and make you feel more satiated. Fast food fries don't satisfy hunger because they have no taste after being processed, frozen and coated with the no-so-secret ingredient of sugar and since those places are what made fries so popular the food has a bad reputation. It's entirely undeserved.

Freetown Fries has different varieties. For the purists, straight up fries. There are the Greek Fries made with hummus and kalamata olives, or the Putine Fries which give a nod northwards to our Canadian friends and relatives.

Open tonight and through Tuesday.

Check them out while you are parading - small building on that corner where the parade turns.