Musical GRAND PRE returns to ULL theater

by Anna Purdy

A musical set during the "Great Removal" of Acadians by the British will be perforrmed one weekend only at UL's Angelle Hall this March.

A musical set during the "Great Removal" of Acadians by the British returns this to ULL's Angelle Hall this March.

Set in 1755, GRAND PRE centers around the LeBlanc family. The family is dealing with not only the ethnic cleansing the British undertook by deporting and depositing families along the Eastern seaboard of what would become the United States, but having a British soldier who has married into their family, causing some much understood strife. The play takes place in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia.

GRAND PRE was commissioned in 2005 by Cité des Arts and the Acadian Cultural Center. Cody Daigle wrote the play with composer Roy Bertucci composing the music. This is the musical's latest revival with fresh changes, such as a new musical number and a new character. At its core, GRAND PRE is about remembering the history of the Acadians with a dignified and heartfelt view.

Shawn Roy is directing with David Boudreaux at the helm of the music.

The musical runs March 8-11 at 7:30 p.m. The Sunday matinee is at 3 p.m. Tickets are $15. Order tickets by calling 482-6012 or pick them up at the door for the show.