DTA! weathers weather

by Dominick Cross

"It was cold," says Kate Durio, marketing and communications manager at DLU. "It started off slow, but it ended with a pretty good crowd."

Despite the overcast sky and the cool temps Friday, Downtown Alive! kicked of its spring 2012 season at Parc International with Warren Storm, Willie Tee & Cypress with special guest G.G. Shinn.

And according to Kate Durio, marketing and communications manager, the show went well considering the quirky weather.

"It was cold," she says. "It started off slow, but it ended with a pretty good crowd."

Durio says she consulted with local weathermen.

"We keep in touch with Dave Baker at KATC all day long," she says. "We talked with him and Rob Perillo and kind of got it a consensus that the rain was going to clear up and yes, it would be cold, but we wouldn't have any rain."

Durio says there's a 3 p.m. deadline on Fridays to make a decision whether to go with DTA!

"We have to call a lot of people," she says. "So by 1 o'clock it was official. We got the go ahead from weather people that it was going to be O.K. So we started setting up.

"Those who came got a great show. The band was amazing," Dorio says. "Those who missed out will hopefully come out for Feufollet [at Parc International]."

DTA! begins at 5:30 p.m. with food and beverage concessions musical performances from 6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted. Concession sales help keep DTA! free, so please leave your ice chests at home with your pets.