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Candyce Perret’s very troubling candidacy

She’s been less than truthful, won’t face her opponents in public forums and has left more questions than answers in this short election. Let’s hope the public has until April 29 to get some answers.

Our view: Support BVD funding

Bayou Vermilion District does the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping Bayou Vermilion debris-free. Let’s keep this worthy operation afloat.

Editorial: The Time to Build the Keystone is Now

We've hardly been a rubber stamp for everything on the oil and gas industry's agenda. Today, however, we offer our unambiguous support of the Keystone XL Pipeline. IND readers are aware we've hardly...

Let the finger-pointing begin

What were higher-ups at the Advertiser thinking when they put the chief lobbyist for the oil and gas industry on their editorial board? Now, following revelations in a high profile lawsuit, the...

Welcome, Ambassador Delattre - Parle vu Anglais?

As you know, we're the French speaking portion of Louisiana where the collective music, food and joi de vivre of Cajuns and Creoles have sustained a unique American culture and built a tourism...

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