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It sounds like the set-up to a bad B movie, but it really happened at Negreet High School in Many, where a portrait of Jesus once hung in the school lobby and Bible verses hung on the walls — until the ACLU of Louisiana filed suit on behalf of the...

Belief Systems

Every child eventually discovers Santa Claus is not real. It’s tough for a kid to find out Santa is part of an elaborate belief system constructed to enhance the wonders of childhood. As painful as it may be, that discovery is part of growing up and only the first of many revelations to come.

Chef Profile: Chanel Gaudé

Chanel Gaudé, who worked her way from wait staff to sous chef in one of Lafayette's best restaurants, is passionate about Louisiana foods.

Paul’s Stays Put

After a brief look at consolidation, Paul’s recommits to the Oil Center.

Climbing the Ladder

SLCC’s new scaffolding program holds promise for both immediate work and advancement.


New hires, promotions and more from the Acadiana business community

Following the Third Circuit Money

In the final weeks of the primary, big dollar donors — including plaintiff firms based outside the district — stepped up for the Perret campaign.

Second Chances

After selling C&C Tech, Thomas Chance has turned his attention to a new venture — autonomous sea vessels.

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