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Uncertainty Ahead

The big question mark is still the extent to which depressed oil prices will impact our economy.

A Rapid Chain of Events

Buckle up for the next eight months, Lafayette, it’s gonna be a quick ride down the rapid economic expansion highway. A cursory drive around town shows a lot of green space on the expanding city limits to be realized into a new crop of nationally anchored retail and shopping developments.

The Slow Slump

Oil is taking its toll, but the local economy will not crash and burn this time around. Living in South Louisiana, we are not strangers to ups and downs in the oil and gas industry. It comes with the territory. There is no doubt the local economy has shifted this year; however, because of diversification, the economy has been slower to slump. I’ve spoken about the importance of economic diversity for a long time, and it’s satisfying to see decades of progress making a difference now — when it’s needed most.

Not Banking On Oil

While Acadiana rides out its worst economic downturn in decades, some area banks are finding success by staying out of the oil biz.

By George

Southwest Louisiana’s top economic development professional keeps his eye on the future — and we think he’s got it.

Wildcatting Women

Female-owned businesses in Acadiana increasingly contribute to our economic diversity, resilience and prosperity.

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