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I first spotted Stan Dry at the New Iberia Farmers Market. One day he was buying strawberries. The next he was selling home baked bread. “Who is this guy?” I asked around. “He’s a cook,” was one answer I received. “He’s a writer,” someone else replied. Cooking? Writing? That sounded right up my alley.


The farm to table movement has become quite popular these days, making touting the use of locally grown foods a relatively widespread restaurant and grocer marketing tool.

A Poboy By Another Name

Even Son Do, owner and proprietor of Do’s Deli in the South College Shopping Center, can’t quite explain what took so long for banh mi to truly arrive in Lafayette.

Tipping the Scales

Imagine you’re at an epic boucherie, surrounded by the sizzling aroma of freshly slaughtered pork being transformed into numerous sensory delights. Smoke billows from the chimneys of barbecue pits piled with ribs and sausage. Boudin is stuffed into casings as cracklins simmer and hiss in their cast-iron cauldrons.

Piece of the Pie

A bar and pizza shop that comes and goes like a thief in the night enters Lafayette’s food scene.

Navigating Salty Waters

An experienced food maker can work through layers of food regulation, but health codes are still not keeping up with food trends.

Pile It On

Fusion rice bowls at Live Action Deli

The Power of Food

There is a big difference between a food allergy and food sensitivity, but there is an easy way to tell what’s ailing you.

Farm to Dinner Table

A potential partnership between Acadiana Food Hub and Waitr could be the breakthrough conscientious consumers have been waiting for.

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