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Can anything alter Lafayette’s rosy trajectory? Well yes, a sustained slump in oil prices certainly can, along with a lack of opportunity for all of our citizens.

It’s the Revenue, Stupid

Any day now the Future Needs/ Funding Sources Committee will make its recommendations to the City-Parish Council about how to pay for the many services Lafayette Consolidated Government provides for its roughly 190,000 residents (not counting about 35,000 who live in the smaller municipalities; see our story on consolidation for why this is even a thing).

Legs To Stand On

It’s time for the Louisiana Legislature to exert the independence granted it in the state constitution.

Unintended Consequences

The district attorney’s suit against LCG underscores the unforeseen problems created for the city of Lafayette when consolidation was approved in 1992.

RE: Under Water

Drainage issues in Lafayette Parish underscore why “our parish government” is failing everyone.

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