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Digging Downtown

The IT company will call the old Advertiser building on Jefferson Street home for at least the next year — until its new 50,000-square-foot office building at 538 Cajundome Blvd., designed by Architects Southwest and under construction by J.B. Mouton, is complete.

INDesign 2015: A Sound Solution

When Sound & Communication Systems decided to convert a former air conditioning distributor building on Banks Street into its new corporate headquarters and showroom, it asked Chase Marshall Architects for a total renovation of the facility worthy of the 21st century.

Eats All Day

I used to live behind Johnson’s Boucaniere in my wilder days. Many a Saturday began with a late morning stumble across an open field to the restorative itis of country ribs and jambalaya. I was a late riser, but no doubt would have rallied for Johnson’s breakfast were it available to me then.

Belly up to the lunch bar

Perhaps more so than lunchtime traffic, finding a midday meal that won’t sit in your belly like a bowling ball is a nearly insurmountable challenge.

‘Fair Share’ Series Returns

The Independent’s investigation into property taxes will be expanded to analyze whether residential and commercial property owners across the parish are paying their fair share.


Too bad the Lafayette Reggae & Cultural Festival isn’t around anymore. It would be a great way to intro Smoov Ras to a bigger stage and to music lovers of Lafayette who don’t frequent live music venues.

Tipping the Scales

Imagine you’re at an epic boucherie, surrounded by the sizzling aroma of freshly slaughtered pork being transformed into numerous sensory delights. Smoke billows from the chimneys of barbecue pits piled with ribs and sausage. Boudin is stuffed into casings as cracklins simmer and hiss in their cast-iron cauldrons.


The longer the Marshal Brian Pope public records battle goes on, the stranger it gets.

Backyard Builders & Braniff Construction

What began as working part-time odd jobs in college has blossomed into a booming construction business for Kyle Braniff and his companies, Backyard Builders and Braniff Construction.


Artist helps juvenile detainees channel their emotions through spoken-word poetry.

Fall Into the ’90s

The era of “Friends” and Seattle grunge has returned with full-blown flannel and overalls to boot.

Hello, 2017!

Although 2016 presented us with many challenges, it also laid the foundation for lots of exciting opportunities in the year ahead.

Hats Off

A New Iberia hat maker comes home.

Integrating Clicks & Mortar

As technology and competition reshape the retail landscape, two Lafayette mainstays blend in-store and online experiences to stay afloat.

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