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It’s the Autonomy, Stupid

A recent City-Parish Council meeting once again put the lie to the idea that “consolidated” government serves the city of Lafayette’s interest. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

What’s next: citywide WiFi?

Citywide WiFi for use by LUS Fiber customers is on the drawing board, LUS Director Terry Huval says. “We’re planning a phase-in of it, a slow phase-in.”

I-49 at the Crossroads

Lessons learned from the LUS Fiber fight and Lafayette’s airport tax are germane to the Connector.

Here Comes the Sun

As LUS backs off its controversial “solar tax,” stakeholders call for more transparency, and for a renewed engagement with the community-owned utility provider.


ABuzz: The Stories That Set the Internet on Fire (at least locally) in 2016

Sticker Shock

LUS’s commercial gigabit bandwidth pricing appears to reinforce a gap the service was meant to close.

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