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AG takes another look at bribery scheme in DA’s office

n August 2013, state Attorney General Buddy Caldwell’s office did not mince words in a tersely worded statement about whether it would be filing any state charges related to the then-ongoing federal investigation into District Attorney Mike Harson’s office’s handling of certain types of cases, mainly OWIs.


Holiday now is a marriage of subtle sparkle in pale gold and regal red dresses. It’s a fearless approach to glamour that’s less bling and more refi ned. Healthy doses of jewelry, a furtrimmed little topper and beauty that’s a bit undone pull it all together.

Living Spaces

No longer a boutique hotel, Buchanan Lofts hits the market as condos for sale.


Welcome beautiful weather and warm afternoons with little high-waisted shorts, retro hats and a hefty dose of glam.

UDC Gets Green Light

“The things we say we want, let’s make them easy to do,” Chief Development Offi cer Carlee Alm-LaBar told council members on April 21 when the UDC was before the panel as an introductory ordinance.

Clear-and-Present Style

There is no right wing and left wing when it comes to great style. No matter who you pick come Oct. 24, you can do it with equal parts liberal and conservative panache - like fall's best bets in fashion. En vogue are chic dresses in primary colors, perfectly cut suits and demure little heels right along with funky styles like leopard dusters, corduroy jackets and floppy hats. Winning style for both sides of the aisle.


Let me put it to you this way. I once walked through a horde of zombies outside a San Francisco methadone clinic to eat a banh mi, and I would gladly do the same to eat Fusion’s.


As ABiz does each year, we will again celebrate these companies’ successes and struggles, their contributions to the community and the impact they have on the region in our Top 50 Private Companies issue July 15.

The Rise of the Beard

In the ’70s, popular psychologist Robert Pellegrini said inside every clean shaven man is a beard screaming to be let out. The wait is over.

Just Breathe

New implant may be a game-changer for those battling sleep apnea.


This checklist will help as we focus on efforts to recover and rebuild homes and businesses across South Louisiana and protect ourselves against future disasters.

Hello, 2017!

Although 2016 presented us with many challenges, it also laid the foundation for lots of exciting opportunities in the year ahead.

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