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Never judge a book by its cover or a musician by the case he carries. All while racking up years of acclaim as a fiddler, Berard — who passed away suddenly in early 2014 — was crafting a double disc guitar CD. Judging from his other bands, it would be easy to speculate this would be some sort of contemporary Cajun guitar-fused record.

ABiz Scene

Men from across several states gathered for drinks and delicious eats at Ruffino’s on the River for the 7th Annual Gentleman’s Dinner, that rare occasion unconnected to any one organization or cause.

CROSS WISE: Second in Command

Has the time come for Louisiana to consider a governor/lieutenant governor “ticket” to better manage the state?

Binge for breakfast

It’s been a general rule of mine over the years that if a restaurant has a specific dish in the name, you don’t order anything other than that dish and expect a positive result.


Aria Fowler, lead singer and pianist for Lafayette rock band The Other LA, talks music and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Legislative Resolve

The Louisiana Legislature has been ideologically partisan, no doubt, but never more so than in a little-known resolution that was quietly passed in May.

Hail to the Chief

Get your fill of U.S. presidential election history at Edith Garland Dupré Library on the UL Lafayette campus with an eye-popping, vote-inducing exhibit in the grand hallway of memorabilia from the personal collection of Thomas Angers.

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