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Pillow Talk

A new device — much like a “cardiac fitbit chip”— transmits critical health info to your doc while you sleep.

Making MAKOplasty

A new surgical procedure allows docs to do an operation virtually — on the computer of a robot — before the patient even comes into the OR.

What’s Up, Doc

From new cancer centers to clinical trials, 2014 was a year of medical advancement throughout Acadiana. We’ve rounded up some of the year’s biggest moments in health care that run the gamut from the tiniest patient to those in congestive heart failure.

Cutting Edge

Two years after breaking ground, Lafayette General Medical Center’s new emergency department and surgical platform are now in full swing. On Oct. 1, LGMC’s expanded ER opened for business, following the opening of the operating rooms in June.

Treatment on Trial

Over the years, Lafayette General Medical Center has been working to establish itself as a world-class medical treatment center by placing an emphasis on improving medical education, and now it is taking the next step by participating in clinical...

Hair Gain

A new minimally invasive hair transplant system called NeoGraft allows patients to regrow hair with very little downtime.

Pump Up the Volume

Doctors have long been nipping and tucking patients toward the fountain of youth. And often missing is the one big factor that keeps us all looking young — volume.

The Heart Guard

A 65-year-old man diagnosed with severe congestive heart failure frequents his local hospital, located 45 miles away, every other week due to his difficulty controlling his heart failure symptoms, knowing each day holds the potential for his heart to suddenly stop working.


A new membership program gives patients and doctors a more personalized approach to treatment.

All About the Smile

In the world of cosmetic dentistry, the latest and greatest for getting a killer smile is coming from both a return to the basics and the use of cutting edge technology and better materials.

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