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“This house is very livable and very functional,” Hebert says. It also achieves a warmth some people don’t think you get with a more modern living space. Hebert recoils at the word contemporary thanks to images of the Jetsons and round, plastic pieces. This version of new design has a welcoming air about it.

Living Spaces

No longer a boutique hotel, Buchanan Lofts hits the market as condos for sale.

Big Shoes To Fill

When Mike Neustrom became sheriff of Lafayette Parish in 2000, he brought a scholarly approach to law enforcement, and when he retires next year, he’ll leave the office a much better place than he found it.

A Poboy By Another Name

Even Son Do, owner and proprietor of Do’s Deli in the South College Shopping Center, can’t quite explain what took so long for banh mi to truly arrive in Lafayette.

When in Doubt — Roundabout

Nine questions for LCG traffic engineer Warren Abadie When Warren Abadie drives anywhere in Lafayette, he’s on the job. Lafayette Consolidated Government’s top traffic engineer, like his former boss Tony Tramel, is what you might call geeky about traffic: He observes it, studies it, deconstructs it, even when he’s “off the clock.” If Abadie is driving — or a passenger — he’s working.


The lingering downturn in oil prices has companies consolidating, workers being laid off, skilled employees leaving and industry leaders painfully recalling the mid-1980s.

Bye, Bye Big Budget

Budget-friendly parties and gifts are the way to go whether it’s for a small office or a business giant. Good news — a tight budget doesn’t mean skimping on the good stuff and it doesn’t wreck an otherwise great evening. Just add some additional planning and a dash of creativity.


Aria Fowler, lead singer and pianist for Lafayette rock band The Other LA, talks music and Asperger’s Syndrome.

First, Let Me Get a Nose Job

"There can be no bad pictures” just may be the mantra of a social-media influenced generation that’s perfected the selfie. The results: an increase in plastic surgery across the board from bigger booties to bigger lips. Doctors like local ENT/ plastic surgeon Jeffrey Joseph see a direct connection between some patients and social media pressures.

Not the Idea — the Execution

The creators of a dining app lean on great advice and surround themselves with quality people to help their venture succeed.

Pill Paradox

We’re conditioned to believe if it’s prescribed by a doctor it’s OK, but opioids, while legally available, are as dangerous as heroin.

CROSS WISE: Red River Blues

As with the rest of the country, declining opportunities in Louisiana’s rural parishes engender the ideal conditions for a Donald Trump candidacy.

The Business of Branding

It may seem like a lot of intangible feel-good nonsense, but your brand represents people’s perception of everything about your company.

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