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Bobby Jindal is demolishing Louisiana, but we elected him and the legislators who let his wrecking ball swing.

Less Really Is More

Well, if you were a math geek, you might be able to calculate the trajectory of these thrown objects and know exactly where you'd have to run in order to catch them in mid-flight.

Cross-wise: One to Watch

Right now it’s Boudreaux vs. Thierry in District 24, but for real excitement don’t count incumbent Elbert Guillory out just yet.

Odds Breakers

JB Mouton marks a venerable century in business.

A Woman’s Place

Long the domain of men, Acadiana’s creative dining scene is increasingly being populated — and popularized — by women.

Generation Next

Preparing the future leaders of Acadiana’s family-owned businesses is good for everyone.

The Slow Slump

Oil is taking its toll, but the local economy will not crash and burn this time around. Living in South Louisiana, we are not strangers to ups and downs in the oil and gas industry. It comes with the territory. There is no doubt the local economy has shifted this year; however, because of diversification, the economy has been slower to slump. I’ve spoken about the importance of economic diversity for a long time, and it’s satisfying to see decades of progress making a difference now — when it’s needed most.

Just Breathe

New implant may be a game-changer for those battling sleep apnea.

Living Large

It may not be a good market for super pricey pads in Lafayette Parish, but that did not stop these 10 from changing hands in 2016.

Beyond Oil and Gas

The downturn has taken a toll on commercial activity in the Lafayette area, but oil’s low price reality is sinking in just as opportunities for diversification abound.

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