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Just (Don’t!) Do It

In the mid-1980s, I (vicariously) witnessed an investment lesson that has stuck with me. In 1985, I had taken a job as a petroleum engineer with a relatively small but aggressive oil and gas company. This company was publicly traded, and its stock was offered as an option in the company’s retirement plan.

Most Expensive Home Sales of 2014

Residential real estate in Lafayette Parish did it again in 2014, besting 2013’s total sales of 3,184 homes by 3.2 percent to set yet another record.


Price of Oil Getting Political in LouisianaWhile oil prices, and predictions about where they’re going, don’t paint a pretty picture for the state of Louisiana, we’re unlikely to see a true and complete portrait of their effect on the current fiscal year budget until the next governor is sworn in.


The lingering downturn in oil prices has companies consolidating, workers being laid off, skilled employees leaving and industry leaders painfully recalling the mid-1980s.

Top 50: Slippery Slope

Fluctuations in the oil patch underscore interdependency within Acadiana’s broader energy industry.

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