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Bobby Jindal is demolishing Louisiana, but we elected him and the legislators who let his wrecking ball swing.

CROSS-WISE: The State They Gave Away

As the contentious process of addressing a $1.6 billion dollar deficit drags into June, legislators would do well to remember that much of their suffering is self-inflicted.

Scott Free

Congressional candidate Scott Angelle’s term as secretary of the Department of Natural Resources was a free ride for the oil and gas industry, and it cost the state dearly in lost revenue.

David Boulet: Man in the Maelstrom

Can the Republican son-in-law of a former Democratic governor help clean up a mess left by Bobby Jindal in one of the state’s least known but most important revenue-generating offices? We’re about to find out.

Orphaned and Abandoned

The state’s Office of Mineral Resources is scrambling to audit bankrupt state mineral leaseholders.

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