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The Cost of Art

Bonin finding a way through the issue wasn’t a question. She knew there had to be a balance to keep her art and protect her health. She called on fellow artist and friend Joshua Murrell. The Grammy winner (for his work on Terrance Simien’s award-winning album) himself makes instruments that often use dangerous materials to coat the finished product.


She says maybe it’s the predictability of knowing the next bend in the road. But, whatever the case it’s bettering a tough situation. Seth is not alone. Reports of children on the autism spectrum responding to communication with Siri and other technology-based audio communication have been cropping up in the media.

Gladstone Jones: settlement with oil companies ‘inevitable’

Environmental (and political) junkies got a double fix on Nov. 18 when The Lens hosted a Breakfast with the Newsmakers discussion between Lens environmental writer Bob Marshall and Gladstone Jones, the lead attorney in the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority — East’s lawsuit against more than 90 oil and gas companies.


“This house is very livable and very functional,” Hebert says. It also achieves a warmth some people don’t think you get with a more modern living space. Hebert recoils at the word contemporary thanks to images of the Jetsons and round, plastic pieces. This version of new design has a welcoming air about it.


The 26-year-old Lafayette designer took home the South Walton Fashion Week award this fall for his “Retrospect Introversion” collection.

Pillow Talk

A new device — much like a “cardiac fitbit chip”— transmits critical health info to your doc while you sleep.

Not So Fast, My Friend

District 4 Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux is a well-respected, politically savvy bridge builder, and he could be a spoiler in this year’s election for city-parish president.


Perhaps the biggest revolution in fitness has been products like Fitbit — fitness wristbands that can track everything from heart rate to steps per day. Tri-Running in Lafayette carries the Garmin version, and for good reason, says manager and runner Kevin Miller.

Need and Feed

Each day more than 300 meals are served at St. Joseph’s Diner. Until recently those meals were often high on calories and low on nutrition. Just months ago the clinic that works in conjunction with the diner and shelter secured a grant to bring healthier options for every meal.

Living Spaces

No longer a boutique hotel, Buchanan Lofts hits the market as condos for sale.


Heart disease doesn’t always look like a man over 50 with a thick waist and high cholesterol. Heart disease is still the No. 1 killer of women. And last year in the U.S., 10,000 children died from sudden cardiac failure.

Big Shoes To Fill

When Mike Neustrom became sheriff of Lafayette Parish in 2000, he brought a scholarly approach to law enforcement, and when he retires next year, he’ll leave the office a much better place than he found it.


There are few things the dream room of a 5-yearold and 15-year-old girl have in common. Enter Denise Kartsimas of dkDESIGN, the master of designing rooms that work for years.

Cox Homelife hits Acadiana

Cox Communications adds home security and automation to its digital service bundles in Acadiana.

Ultrasound Evolved

Lafayette General acquires new endoscopy tool and recruits physician trained to use it, enabling more accurate diagnosis of ailments in the gastrointestinal tract.

We Are Family

Don’t call it a ‘gay pride’ festival: The Acadiana PRIDE Fest celebrates diversity.

Chef Profile: Chanel Gaudé

Chanel Gaudé, who worked her way from wait staff to sous chef in one of Lafayette's best restaurants, is passionate about Louisiana foods.

Paul’s Stays Put

After a brief look at consolidation, Paul’s recommits to the Oil Center.


Since his showing last year in the 5th Congressional District race, when he was barely edged out of the runoff, Duck Dynasty cousin Zach Dasher’s political future has been wide open — and now it includes speculation about running for the second highest statewide Louisiana office.

Village Café becomes De Gaulle Square Bistro and Bar

Vincent has joined forces with the dual concepts’ executive chef, Jeremy Conner, who put his stamp on the innovative farm-to-table menu offered by the café and adjoining bar/restaurant — so much so that Louisiana Cookin’ magazine named him a “Chef to Watch” last year.

Pump Up the Volume

Doctors have long been nipping and tucking patients toward the fountain of youth. And often missing is the one big factor that keeps us all looking young — volume.

Shaping Up

A new hand-held ultrasound device is killing fat cells and slimming trouble areas.

Wrap It Up

Tummy tightening can happen in no time.

Market Watch: Lafayette Parish real estate still rocking

Despite a prevailing concern about the oil and gas industry and its impact on the local economy, real estate in Lafayette Parish is still on a roll. New construction sold is up 5.3 percent from early 2014 to early 2015.

Dining with a View: Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse

In the 1930s, Joe Walters bought a circa 1921 pool hall, Antlers, on Jefferson Street in Downtown Lafayette. A few years later, he moved the business across the street to 555 Jefferson. Eventually, he got out of the business, leaving Antlers dormant for several years.

Gathering Time

What's on your wrist is so much more than a timepiece.


Program for Allinclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE, caters to low-income seniors living in the community to provide a central location for delivery of their health care in a more social, adult day-care atmosphere.

What’s next: citywide WiFi?

Citywide WiFi for use by LUS Fiber customers is on the drawing board, LUS Director Terry Huval says. “We’re planning a phase-in of it, a slow phase-in.”


A new membership program gives patients and doctors a more personalized approach to treatment.

To Boldly Go

More than a decade ago, Joey Durel and Terry Huval set off on a risky trek — bringing fiber tele-com to Lafayette. The city embraced the journey and has been on a promising trajectory since.


“Her whole life — her mental state — it was very hard to see my mother like that, and that’s when I got the idea of the collection Welcome to the Garden,” Roe says.


Price of Oil Getting Political in LouisianaWhile oil prices, and predictions about where they’re going, don’t paint a pretty picture for the state of Louisiana, we’re unlikely to see a true and complete portrait of their effect on the current fiscal year budget until the next governor is sworn in.

Grey Matters

Every new season brings a wildly impossible trend. Fear not, we’ve got you covered with tips for pulling it off in your own way. Simply add a hefty dose of nerve along with wise words from our expert and you have a brand new option to add to your beauty routine.


Without a risk factor in sight, Alexa John was diagnosed with breast cancer thanks to supplemental screening.

Oilpatch 101

This too shall pass, and when this downturn turns around — as it always does — the local oil patch will be looking to fill lots of posts with educated and skilled workers. And South Louisiana Community College believes it will provide those companies with just the right candidates.

Bye, Bye Big Budget

Budget-friendly parties and gifts are the way to go whether it’s for a small office or a business giant. Good news — a tight budget doesn’t mean skimping on the good stuff and it doesn’t wreck an otherwise great evening. Just add some additional planning and a dash of creativity.

Slow Fade

You can prevent Type 2 — and you can also manage the disease if it’s already creeped up on you.


Honing material for a new album, comedian Brooks Wheelan makes Lafayette a test kitchen on Nov. 13 at Nite Town.

First, Let Me Get a Nose Job

"There can be no bad pictures” just may be the mantra of a social-media influenced generation that’s perfected the selfie. The results: an increase in plastic surgery across the board from bigger booties to bigger lips. Doctors like local ENT/ plastic surgeon Jeffrey Joseph see a direct connection between some patients and social media pressures.

Dollar for Dollar

A little-known tax credit program could mean big bucks for early childcare, but the Lafayette and Calcasieu biz communities need to act before Dec. 31.




There is a lot of newness on the local workout horizon, so much so that what’s old is new again.


There is a lot of newness on the local workout horizon, so much so that what’s old is new again.

Fit for Life

EACH YEAR ABIZ ROUNDS UP A FEW EXECUTIVES who know the key to avoiding the boss burnout: staying fit. What’s more, recent studies suggest that being visibly out of shape can undermine others’ perceptions of your leadership ability and job stamina.

Paying It Forward

Lafayette attorney Glenn Armentor hopes to change the world, one student at a time, with his ground-breaking scholarship program for at-risk teens.

The Legacy

Dr. Harold Chastant is still making house calls at 93.

The Power of Food

There is a big difference between a food allergy and food sensitivity, but there is an easy way to tell what’s ailing you.

Van Alan Homes

Since the building process can be overwhelming, Jalyn helps customers through the steps of creating their dream home. “For most people, this will be the home they will either retire or raise their family in,” says Alan. “It is a good feeling to have a small part in the lasting memories made in a home built by Van Alan Homes.

Climbing the Ladder

SLCC’s new scaffolding program holds promise for both immediate work and advancement.


Artist helps juvenile detainees channel their emotions through spoken-word poetry.

Holding the Front Line

With a massive shortage around the corner, LGMC’s Nurse Residency Program aims to keep first-year nurses from fleeing.


Acadiana moms can now download a smartphone application designed just for them.


Endoscopic brain surgery is a quick procedure with less risk and a quicker recovery, and it’s finally available here in Lafayette.

All About the Smile

In the world of cosmetic dentistry, the latest and greatest for getting a killer smile is coming from both a return to the basics and the use of cutting edge technology and better materials.

Shattered Glass

While the members of this diverse group of Acadiana women can’t all say they were firsts, each of them has contributed to our community in ways too countless to capture in 500-word profiles.

I Can See Clearly Now

Regular eye exams can catch serious issues early on, helping you avoid permanent vision damage.

Food Security

Kohlie Frantzen and Zack McMath are working to bring Lafayette’s food back home.

National group targets JBE, replacing Villere and more

Jeremy Adler, a spokesman for America Rising Squared, says his organization “likes to keep tabs on all Democrats running for or in office and seeks to highlight their vulnerabilities.” But he adds that Edwards is near the top of its list in terms of governors around the country.

The Multiplier Effect

The election of Donald Trump has rallied liberals like never before. Could the 2018 midterms be another pivot point? History says yes.

Integrating Clicks & Mortar

As technology and competition reshape the retail landscape, two Lafayette mainstays blend in-store and online experiences to stay afloat.

Beyond Oil and Gas

The downturn has taken a toll on commercial activity in the Lafayette area, but oil’s low price reality is sinking in just as opportunities for diversification abound.

TCB: Van Alan Homes

“We have created a brand that is a combination of classic old world craftsmanship, modern technology and traditional Acadiana symbolism,” says Van Alan Plaisance. No matter how large or small the project, Plaisance says they won’t sacrifice quality. “Our goal is to use only highly skilled and dependable craftsmen,” he explains.

Top 50: To the Rescue

White Knight Production fills a niche: finding oil and gas at well sites after Big Oil has moved on.

Top 50: Slippery Slope

Fluctuations in the oil patch underscore interdependency within Acadiana’s broader energy industry.

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