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The Making of The Ragin’ Cajun Brand

Ragin’ Cajun fans have always had pride in their team, but the number of ways they can show that pride has been rising, especially over the past year. Whether tailgating, attending a community function or dressing in black-tie, Cajuns fans have a plethora of gear and accessories to help them cheer their team to victory.


“Her whole life — her mental state — it was very hard to see my mother like that, and that’s when I got the idea of the collection Welcome to the Garden,” Roe says.

Well Worn

Join us Sept. 17 at the Acadiana Center for the Arts when these honorees join the fray of local stores for a runway and awards show done only the way The Independent does things — with substance, style and that bit of edge..

Style on Fire

The annual INDStyle Awards and runway show returns Sept. 17 at AcA.


The INDStyle Awards were truly aflame this year.

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