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Well Oiled

For banks, the immediate result of the price slide — West Texas Intermediate went from a year high of $107 a barrel in June to the mid-$60 range by late November — has been a decrease in stock prices, especially for those institutions with a high percentage of loans tied to oil and gas service companies.

Big Shoes To Fill

When Mike Neustrom became sheriff of Lafayette Parish in 2000, he brought a scholarly approach to law enforcement, and when he retires next year, he’ll leave the office a much better place than he found it.

This ‘Bottom of the Cycle’ Isn’t So Bad

Spring is in the air and summer is right around the corner. This spring feels different for many Acadiana residents than last year, as low oil prices have equated to some local job losses and economic contraction.


When the album is named #imsoneworleans, it is easier to talk about what it is and what it is not. Kermit Ruffi ns’ latest is a love letter to the Crescent City. It is a smooth yet unpolished jazz record.

Making the Lafayette-Lake Charles Connection

In preparation for an early November meeting with various companies hiring hundreds of workers in the Lake Charles market, Lafayette officials did some digging into unemployment data for the Acadiana region.


Despite the downturn, many local real estate professionals remain optimistic, saying the Lafayette area is experiencing a much-needed correction.

Hurry up and wait

DOTD spooked Connector supporters by doing the one thing they set out to avoid: The right thing.

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