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Summer of Lomax

Seminal recordings from more than eight decades ago form the basis of a new appraisal of the origins and early years of Louisiana’s indigenous music.

This ‘Bottom of the Cycle’ Isn’t So Bad

Spring is in the air and summer is right around the corner. This spring feels different for many Acadiana residents than last year, as low oil prices have equated to some local job losses and economic contraction.


The Independent set out to peek into the backstory of 23-year-old Lafayette native Connor McManus — bold, successful, ambitious painter, artist and graphic designer now living in New Orleans.


Program for Allinclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE, caters to low-income seniors living in the community to provide a central location for delivery of their health care in a more social, adult day-care atmosphere.

The Council Carousel

The next City-Parish council and mayor will have a lot on their plate over the next four years as Lafayette faces a critical juncture where meeting the demands of growth — not to mention paying for decades of unchecked growth — and financing those demands collide.


Recent plans to renovate the small triangular green space Downtown in front of the former Lafayette City Hall and to name it Place Mouton — and The New Orleans City Council’s December decision to remove four Confederate monuments from places of prominence in the Crescent City — have offered our community an incredible opportunity: to ask important questions, seek meaningful answers and benefit from a larger dialogue about our shared histories and the things we hold dear.

The Power of Food

There is a big difference between a food allergy and food sensitivity, but there is an easy way to tell what’s ailing you.

I-49 at the Crossroads

Lessons learned from the LUS Fiber fight and Lafayette’s airport tax are germane to the Connector.


23,330 reasons why former Ragin’ Cajuns quarterback Brian Mitchell belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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