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ABiz Scene: Tsunami No. 3

On Friday, July 31, Tsunami held a grand opening for its location in the Cypress Bayou Casino and Hotel. The restaurant has all the same charm and sophistication of the other two locations in Lafayette and Baton Rouge, and the grand opening had a very relaxed and fun atmosphere. Sushi-filled happy customers mingled in the restaurant, as well as the bar and VIP-eating area.


When the album is named #imsoneworleans, it is easier to talk about what it is and what it is not. Kermit Ruffi ns’ latest is a love letter to the Crescent City. It is a smooth yet unpolished jazz record.

RE: Chief Importance

Reginald Thomas probably would have made a terrific top cop, but we’ll never know.

Second Chances

After selling C&C Tech, Thomas Chance has turned his attention to a new venture — autonomous sea vessels.

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