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Getting in shape may not be a fashion show, but finding pieces that go from a good workout to running around town mean one less thing to worry about when it comes time to burn those calories.


Perhaps the biggest revolution in fitness has been products like Fitbit — fitness wristbands that can track everything from heart rate to steps per day. Tri-Running in Lafayette carries the Garmin version, and for good reason, says manager and runner Kevin Miller.


The IND's Nick Pittman reviews new releases from Cedryl Ballou, Marty Christian and more.

To Be or Not To Be?

It’s Festival time, when it becomes abundantly clear how much we love the arts in Acadiana. Festival International hits it on all cylinders: music, food, visual and performing arts, arts education and cultural exchange. Locals flock to the streets of Downtown to join tourists who navigate their way to Lafayette from all corners of the globe.

Gathering Time

What's on your wrist is so much more than a timepiece.




It’s the most glamorous time of the year — Mardi Gras. Ball gowns with feathers for days, cropped tops paired with billowing ball gown skirts and svelte fishtails. Beauty is simple with a focus on flowing hair and fresh skin.

Fit for Life

EACH YEAR ABIZ ROUNDS UP A FEW EXECUTIVES who know the key to avoiding the boss burnout: staying fit. What’s more, recent studies suggest that being visibly out of shape can undermine others’ perceptions of your leadership ability and job stamina.

Peace Out

It’s the most festival time of the year. The streets fill with Festival-International-goers, the hippie girls come out. No matter our style the rest of the year, it’s the most wonderful time to get boho head to toe.

Not Banking On Oil

While Acadiana rides out its worst economic downturn in decades, some area banks are finding success by staying out of the oil biz.

A Sense of Place

A labor of nearly a decade, Roddie Romero and Eric Adcock’s Gulfstream bristles with hearth and heart.


The longer the Marshal Brian Pope public records battle goes on, the stranger it gets.

Keep It Simple

A beginner’s guide to fantasy football in the workplace

Long Shot just in time for Christmas

The new book by Tyler Bridges and Jeremy Alford shows you exactly what the 2015 road to the governor’s mansion looked and felt like.

On Second Thought

State supreme court rules in favor of Acadiana man imprisoned on illegal sentence.

Higher Calling

I’m headed home to Arkansas for a purpose that’s been awaiting me all my life.

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