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C‘est Bon

“There’s an expiration date on clean drinking water in Louisiana, and this is because of the acts of men, greed and a failed democracy — a democracy that put the flags of oil and gas companies over our state Capitol,” Honoré says during a panel discussion at the Clifton Chenier Center in Lafayette.

Making MAKOplasty

A new surgical procedure allows docs to do an operation virtually — on the computer of a robot — before the patient even comes into the OR.


Can anything alter Lafayette’s rosy trajectory? Well yes, a sustained slump in oil prices certainly can, along with a lack of opportunity for all of our citizens.

Main Street Blues

Public need and the public good are at loggerheads in Downtown Lafayette, and the impasse has stymied a progressive vision for what the area can be.

Back in Mack

So far, 2015 has been a good year for Lafayette native, blues vocalist and guitarist Lane McDonald, known musically as Lane Mack.

The Reckoning

Contemporary Lafayette will either pay for its 20th century growth or pass the cost to our kids and grandkids.

ICYMI: Meet Marcella

Terrance Simien’s daughter makes her hometown debut tonight (Wednesday) for the Horsefarm concert series, relocated to Parc International Downtown due to muddy conditions at the 'farm.

C’EST BON: Housing the Homeless

A new collaborative effort involving government and nonprofit agencies seeks to address one of the CBD's historically nagging issues.

Pets' Lives Matter

On any given day, the staff at Acadiana Animal Aid (formerly Lafayette Animal Aid) cares for more than 100 dogs and cats at its shelter in Carencro, which is neatly folded away on a 10-acre compound hidden just from view off I-49.

And the Plaza Thickens

The vacant megaclub tests the real-world implications of Downtown’s bar moratorium.

Resilience and Recovery

Despite an extremely challenging year brought on by a severe downturn in the oil and gas industry, Acadian Cos. assumes the No. 1 spot on this year’s list.


In a crowded 3rd District race, it nonetheless remains choppy water for Democrats.

Angels Among Us

If you have a great startup idea and have done your homework, these Acadiana Angels want to hear from you.

APP FOR DAT - Turnkey Title and Escrow

Made with features to cater to home buyers and sellers as well as lenders, the free-to-use app aids both homeowners and professionals in organizing and navigating the transaction process every step of the way.


The Louisiana Family Forum’s dogged focus on culture war issues — and culture war issues alone — prevents it from actually addressing the real issues that face Louisiana families.

CROSS WISE: Term of Endearment

With a Republican-controlled Legislature running interference, can Gov. John Bel Edwards parlay public support into a second term?

Just One Word: Diversification

Oil and gas’ dominance of the Top 50 is dwindling, and that should send a clear message to everyone about the critical importance of a diverse economy.

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