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by Amanda Bedgood

Men from across several states gathered for drinks and delicious eats at Ruffino’s on the River for the 7th Annual Gentleman’s Dinner, that rare occasion unconnected to any one organization or cause. In the words of founder Adam Lemoine, who began the dinner in his home, it’s a time for old friends to reconnect and new ones to get to know each other. It was a laid-back evening with more than 160 tickets sold. Ruffino’s back porch was full with gents chatting and a spread of hearty but refined eats along with wine and cool drinks. Operation Home Front, a military nonprofit that among other things provides homes for veterans, was on hand and took home $50 from every ticket sold. But the crux of the evening was focused on the men who are invested in the state, meeting and making connections anew that will improve Louisiana.

1. Geary Mason, Spencer Hayman and Adam Lemoine

2. Joel Robideaux and Jason El Koubi

3. Rick Chargois, Todd Escalona and Michael Hare

4. Jim Meadows and Raymond Hebert

5. John Mouton and Jerry Prejean

6. Charles Lein, Ken Ardoin, Robert Adams and Jerry Prejean

7. Geary Mason and Amanda Bedgood

8. Matthew Moreau and Al Moreau

9. Don Begneaud and Dave Wilson

10. Robb Landry, John Bordelon and Don Begneaud

11. Garland Jean-Baptiste, Sam Wright and Ruffin Rodrigue

12. Steve Sansom, Lenny Lemoine and Clay Allen