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Tee Time

Hit the green May 29 to support the pro bono work of Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers.

Village Café becomes De Gaulle Square Bistro and Bar

Vincent has joined forces with the dual concepts’ executive chef, Jeremy Conner, who put his stamp on the innovative farm-to-table menu offered by the café and adjoining bar/restaurant — so much so that Louisiana Cookin’ magazine named him a “Chef to Watch” last year.

Belly up to the lunch bar

Perhaps more so than lunchtime traffic, finding a midday meal that won’t sit in your belly like a bowling ball is a nearly insurmountable challenge.

Balance Bar with Tanner Ducote

While you still can, pull up a chair at Jolie’s bar, grab a well-balanced drink and learn from a gifted and dazzling mind.

And the Plaza Thickens

The vacant megaclub tests the real-world implications of Downtown’s bar moratorium.

Karma’s a Bitch

Lafayette has relied on a bar moratorium to control nightlife Downtown; our failure to address the issue with best-practices ordinances has come back to bite us.

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