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It’s the Autonomy, Stupid

A recent City-Parish Council meeting once again put the lie to the idea that “consolidated” government serves the city of Lafayette’s interest. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

It All Goes Back to the Charter

We probably wouldn’t be having this discussion about redevelopment of the old federal courthouse if the city of Lafayette were autonomous like the five other municipalities in Lafayette Parish.

ABiz Scene

The Women’s Leadership Council of United Way of Acadiana gathered for the annual Luncheon for a Cause at the DoubleTree by Hilton on May 6.

UDC Gets Green Light

“The things we say we want, let’s make them easy to do,” Chief Development Offi cer Carlee Alm-LaBar told council members on April 21 when the UDC was before the panel as an introductory ordinance.

Shattered Glass

While the members of this diverse group of Acadiana women can’t all say they were firsts, each of them has contributed to our community in ways too countless to capture in 500-word profiles.

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