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AG takes another look at bribery scheme in DA’s office

n August 2013, state Attorney General Buddy Caldwell’s office did not mince words in a tersely worded statement about whether it would be filing any state charges related to the then-ongoing federal investigation into District Attorney Mike Harson’s office’s handling of certain types of cases, mainly OWIs.

Not So Fast, My Friend

District 4 Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux is a well-respected, politically savvy bridge builder, and he could be a spoiler in this year’s election for city-parish president.

Cross-wise: One to Watch

Right now it’s Boudreaux vs. Thierry in District 24, but for real excitement don’t count incumbent Elbert Guillory out just yet.

The Council Carousel

The next City-Parish council and mayor will have a lot on their plate over the next four years as Lafayette faces a critical juncture where meeting the demands of growth — not to mention paying for decades of unchecked growth — and financing those demands collide.


Amid a funding crisis, criminal justice in Lafayette and across Louisiana has slowed to a crawl.

Unintended Consequences

The district attorney’s suit against LCG underscores the unforeseen problems created for the city of Lafayette when consolidation was approved in 1992.


In a crowded 3rd District race, it nonetheless remains choppy water for Democrats.

From Sprint to Quagmire

Candyce Gagnard Perret’s probable path to the Third Circuit Court of Appeal has turned into a slog.

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